{bob's} REVENGE

icons from episode 1

First of all: Sorry if I'm double posting ;_______;
Second: the post itself~

#01 - #10 Adam Lambert (Including 2 Kradam icons)
#11 - #15 Boyzone
#16 - #20 ROOKIES

#21 - #30 Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (ep01)
#31 - #40 Igarashi Shunji (Mirai photobook)
#41 - #45 McFLY
#46 - #48 Otoya Ameki/Igarashi Shunji
#49 - #50 Miscs/Text


the rest are here @ my journal ~
{bob's} REVENGE

Some Nakao & Noe icons ~ :3

#1 - #16: Text Icons (Title/Lyrics of songs, random quotes, etc.)
#17 - #21: Christmas lights (can be used as icon textures, too)
#22 - #38: ROOKIES

#39 - #50: Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (Noe & Nakao)
#51 - #52: Igarashi Shunji (My default icon + Parakiss)

Animated GIFs:
#53 - #56: Text Icons
#57 - #59: ROOKIES

#60 - #61: Hanazakari no Kimitachi e (Noe & Nakao)
#62: D☆DATE (Shunji-centric though)
#63: McFLY (Danny + Dougie)


(This is a fake cut)
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Seeking song ideas

I had watched some VVC vids and thought about tackling that Sano/Nakatsu vid. I've got the clips, but as I was doing some initial laying down of clips, I realized I wasn't 100% jiving with the song choice. D'Oh!

In the mean time, an animated gif where Shun ignored the memo that said it's supposed to be Sano/Mizuki and not Sano/Nakatsu. If anyone wants to toss me some song ideas, please, feel free to.

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Fanvid: Hana Kimi [Cast] - Celebrity Status

hey everyone! this is my first time posting to this community and I wanted to share my fanvid. this is my first attempt at a fanvid ever! i hope you guys like it!

Celebrity Status
Artist: Marianas Trench
Vidder: thesourthesweet (youtube), jsharia (lj)
Characters: Cast
Link: Youtube
Summary: General video about hana kimi and all the shenanigans that go on at ohsaka gakuen.

please comment =D

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Vid: Mickey (Nakatsu/Mizuki, Sano/Nakatsu)

Title: Mickey
Artist: Toni Basil
Vidder: bunniqula
Pairings: Nakatsu/Mizuki, Sano/Nakatsu
Link: [20.3megs, 624x352 DivX] or [58.9megs, 704x396 XviD] or [YouTube]
Summary: Sometimes, the boy doesn't get the girl dressed as a boy; sometimes, he gets the boy dressed as a girl.

Notes: The version shown at VividCon's Premieres vidshow is somewhat different from the online file. I was *exhausted* and rushing to meet the submission deadline to test audio format. This file has several changes from the one shown at VVC, for better or worse. Since I was tired but also had familiarity with the clips, my awareness of each clip's length was odd as I tried to estimate appropriate time to both read the subtitles and see the scenes. Thanks to the SARS team for the translation, which this vid includes their encoded hardsubs for certain scenes. I do welcome vid critique over the internet. I *definitely* would welcome a beta for any additional revisions.

Also, part of why I ran out of time to meet VVC's deadline was from watching Toni Basil's Mickey video, and I got curious about the outline effect seen in the video's intro and end. Hana Kimi's choice of colors and lighting felt 'retro' to me, and I wanted to tap into that 80s vibe. Over the years, I rarely use Adobe After Effects for video editing, but I did experiment and found a similar outline effect... which I ended up not using this effect at all. I may or may not use the effect for another project, but for those that may want to tinker with the effect, I've got the instructions in my journal. I was using After Effects 7, but the CS versions should also be able to do the same thing. It's possible AE, under the new CS5, may be able to do this better, I don't know.

It's probably best to experiment around and adjust Levels/contrast in each clip to smooth out texture. Some clips manage to look acceptable without vid prep, while others look like the characters have some sort of flesh-eating virus. Less action in video is preferred. This effect can be combined with others such as mattes, etc.
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Looking for a fanvid

There was a particular fanvid I really like that was shared here ions ago. I even set it as a favorite in YouTube, but of course, the site took it down.

It was a video of Sano clips with the song "I'm So Ronery" from Team America movie. I've been all over the Internet looking for that vid. If you know who made it, or if anyone still has it, please share it again.

Thanks in advance. Hopefully someone knows what I'm talking about.


Soo I made 2 icons O.O pathetic huh ?  I didn't have much time but hope yuuh kinda like them  >.> ! 



Q : Who's yer fave characteeerr ? :::D